About us


Transprint is a streamline trading agency with an endeavor of versatile print-paper solutions being a credible source of photocopiers, printers & papers. We bring printing & paper work to naturalized phenomena with our advanced tools and adhere to provide our customers the best printers, toners, cartridges and more from known countries including Germany, China, Taiwan and Japan. We have been serving the paper industry since 16 years and aspire to continue the years of trading excellence with our extensive offers.

With an experience of more than a decade, and following nearly two decades, Transprint solely focuses on enhancing its paper machinery for every type of client. Our products are imported from International countries with top-notch machinery and reliable eminence. Almost 16 years ago, Mr. Syed Farhan Bokhari founded Transprint to cater all needs of a consumer with diverse resolutions, quality work and personalized service. The motive of the company was held to make the printing & paper paradox a feasible opportunity and help upsurge the paper industry platforms with accessible resources and best trading components. Our company has continued to grow and provide consumers the finest printing equipment with every genre.


Our mission is to deliver our customers the best quality services and modernized printing & paper machines with effective results. We aim to strive unconditionally in the print era with improved terminology along evolving paper industry and bring you the best printing & paper facility to make a big impact for your product or company. Our prime focus is to cater printing needs of our customers with advanced machinery and excellent service for a long lasting relationship with our clients. With our tools and trading essentials, you can convert your print imagination into a crisp reality that helps your brand achieve new goals.


Through Transprint, our vision is to bring resourceful revolution in the paper industry with our expertise in printing machines, photocopy apparatuses & a lot more trading opportunities for paper needs. The Transprint endeavors to apprehend successful printing mechanism throughout our objectives and meet every need of our consumer base by bringing best results with our high-end quality machines. We excel to be pioneers in our field with effective trading of versatile tools. We are a known company with a vision to lead benchmarks and continue to strive for the best outcomes in our business.